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Hi. Welcome. I created CookieMOMster because when I was a first time mom 6 years ago cookies saved me. I was in a whirlwind of sleepless nights, crying and baby drool. I ate lots of cookies and began writing. Writing had been my passion since I was young and I had forgotten how much it meant to me. It's funny how these little lives come into your life and cause chaos but at the same time allow you to re-discover yourself. Thank you to Konrad and Koby for that. So sit down have a cookie and read. I hope you enjoy my blog as much as I enjoy writing. Thanks for visiting. I'm glad you stopped by.

Monday, December 29, 2008

My Life List for 2009

The year is almost over. I don't like to make New Year resolutions. I feel they put too much pressure on myself. This year I made a life list. It was fun and I realized I am very rich. Happy-Healthy New Year to you and yours. Peace-God Bless

My 2009 Life List

* To be Healthy ( mentally and physically)
* put exercise into my everyday life
* eat better
* Fit into "COOL" jeans
* wear only jeans and a T-shirt (no covering up with a bulky sweatshirt)
* be a good role model for Konrad & Koby
* stop the negative. Thoughts or words. With in myself or about others. DO NOT JUDGE. EXCEPT.
* 8 hours of sleep!!!!! (no less than 7!!!!!!!)
* keep learning (anything...even if I'm done with college courses. YEA-right)
* WRITE. I will write a book(s) someday
* JOG. I have 47 more half marathons to go
* Play with Konrad and Koby
* be mentally able to share in Konrad and Koby's lives
* worry less or plan ways to conquer the worry
* BLOG more
* enjoy family and friends
* take nothing for granted (LIVE & LOVE completely)
* help the earth (recycle and teach Konrad and Koby how precious our earth is)
* HONOR my father by being the best ME possible (I LOVE YOU-DAD)
* Kiss and hug Kurt more
* laugh and be silly
* go to Disney (at least 20 more times!)
* communicate (share my thoughts, feelings, dreams, desires, goals)
* buy a new pair of shoes, jeans, earrings and fragrance
* get a massage and a facial
*buy a pool (save to buy a pool)
*HUG the dogs
* put my all into work (they are our future)
* do not be afraid to show emotion (cry if I must...laugh too)
* love, except and nurture my inner self
* photograph LOTS
* sing and dance
* buy books, even if I haven't finished the one I'm reading
* buy new lip gloss
* THANK GOD for all that I have ( I am blessed)
* eat more cookies!!!!! (jog an extra 10 minutes)


  1. I love them all... its like a bucket list! I'm so proud of you for all you do.
    XO Carole

  2. Thanks Carole for your support and encouragement.

  3. I loved your list and it prompted me to do my own as well. Keep writing my friend and whenever you want to get out and buy those jeans, lipgloss, earrings, fragrance, or ever get out to a spa or get our nails done call me! Moms need pampering too. It keeps us going..even if its a small little treat for ourselves!! This was a great list. You have totally made me think of writing more. I'm so glad we reconnected!

  4. 2009 is going to be a great year because we are going to make it a great year!!! I love your bucket list. In the words of Bob Polliott [Jean Fultons brother]he would always say,"carry on little trouper"...he said this while he was running away from me! So carry on little trouper...I think you have those books inside of you. If U need help getting started let me know:)Love Gadgitgirl48

  5. I just reread this list and must continue to do so periodically. It contains so many of the little details I could easily forget but which are just as important as the big stuff I seem to be worrying about lately. Thanks, Kim!